Parkison's Disease

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Parkinson's is a progressive disease of the nervous system marked by tremor, muscular rigidity and slow imprecise movement primarily affecting middle age and elderly people. It is associated with degeneration of the bascal ganglia of the brain and a deficiency of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

Doctors and researchers do not know the cause of the disorder and it's thought to be inherited in only a small proportion of cases. Exposures to certain toxins and chemicals are thought to play in those affected especially in the case's Firefighters and First Responder's.

As mentioned, Parkinson's disease presently affects over 10 million people with the expectation of doubling by 2035. Researchers continue developing new treatments for Parkinson's giving hope to all who presently suffer and all those who will develop Parkinson's in the coming years. While these treatments are very promising we still need and pray for everyone's support to finally conquer this disease.

Parkinson's is officially classified as a movement disorder because it involves damage to the area's of the brain, nerves and muscles that affect the speed, quality,fluency and ease of movement. While the effects of Parkinson's on movement are often the most visible, other impacts of Parkinson's like emotional and cognitive challenges can sometimes have an even greater effect on your quality of life.

We all have a family member, friend or associate who suffers from Parkinson's Disease and together we can all make a difference in their daily lives moving forward. So please join us and our team of specialists in our fight to cure Parkinson's Disease. Together we can do and accomplish so much.