Firefighters Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease has been correlated with environmental and toxic exposures. The frequency of Parkinson's disease in firefighters is much higher than in the general population, which could be due to the high amounts of toxin exposure that firefighters experience on a daily basis each time they go out on a call.

Studies show a heightened risk of Parkinson's disease in firefighters due to the exposure of chemical byproducts including but not limited to carbon monoxide, toluene, manganese and lead.

A firefighter's work is not limited to fires. These heroes are called to save people from floods, earthquakes, man made disasters and tornadoes to name some of the scenarios they are called to. They serve as medical workers and psychologists in order to provide instant comfort until other first responders arrive.

In most regions if your house was to catch fire the firefighters that would respond would in all probability be volunteers as 75% of the world's firefighters are volunteers in communities across the globe. Most municipal fire departments are stretched dangerously thin on financing as governments at all levels are not funding them. As an example, the "Jaws of Life" to remove someone trapped in their car are approximately $18,000. Firefighters and communities must rely on local fundraising initiatives to purchase their much needed equipment.